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Yes, There are Foreclosures in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow and here’s the list

I think it goes without saying that many upscale and luxury neighborhoods
have seen there fair share of foreclosures or are starting to. You might ask –
Why are these communities hit too?

The answer is one that may not surprise you. Many of the foreclosures in the
Park Cities are speculators – not true investors but high end risk takers trying
to make a big buck. There are some builders disguised as investors but a lot of
the stories are the same. Sad! Very sad…

I have had requests for foreclosures in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow
areas, so here’s the list.

There are four in University Park and one in Highland Park – all are Highland
Park schools. The rest are in Preston Hollow and vicinities – zip codes are: 75220,75225,75229,75230,75244,75205.

Twenty-five in all that are designated as a foreclosure type on the MLS, but
there are probably more than that. I’ve seen foreclosures that seem to be a
regular seller but when you look more closely all the addendum’s are attached.

Just so you know – all the addendum’s which supercede your contract are
written by the REO (Real Estate Owned) attorney’s and written in favor of the
seller. Don’t sign the docs without careful review. There are many charge back
fees if you don’t follow their guidelines. It would be a good idea to have an
agent and your own lawyer look at the fine print. And remember, all info is
reliable but not guaranteed – On that note, have a great weekend.

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