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What Online Home Searches don’t tell you that you should know…

It’s amazing and so efficient to research and locate homes on the Internet.  I bet most of you think you are looking at the real MLS – well think again.  Most home searches online are IDX searches (internet data exchange) which various vendors translate into data for the public, consumer – you and me.  Therefore the info is parsed and reshaped into different platforms that are sold to Brokers and Realtors to use on their sites.  That’s why when you go different sites to search you get different results and they aren’t always accurate.  Especially with the status of a property.  Most broker sites are written to show their listings first so you need to search a little more.  Sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realty Trac use public data or feeds from brokers or agent that participate in their program or an agent can upload their own.  There is not one site, not even Realtor.com that has all the listings because not every MLS participates in all sites.  There are many things on our MLS to take advantage of technology wise which many brokers and agents do not even know.  For example, you can by pass the IDX search and go right to the MLS.  In fact, Metrotex Association of Realtors is working on a public site that should be more transparent for everyone.  DFWRealtors coming soon.

Here’s what I figured out…on our MLS I can add any search I want for prospective clients and the info is more thorough and accurate.  It’s a one stop website that accounts for status changes, price decrease, increases, new listings, foreclosures, builders homes etc. the sky’s the limit. Plus updates and auto emails daily! And it’s on this site. If you click on the large gorgeous tree to the right you’ll see a public portal with information directly from the MLS. It’s a clean format and easy to view – all info, photos, tours, disclosures and whatever other downloads are available.  The only thing is it has a favorites, rejects and possibilities tab that can be used by everyone so that doesn’t make sense but the info is priceless and it’s directly from the MLS.  Any other searches you’d like to see – give me a shout and I’ll add the link.  Have a great weekend  – over 61 Open Houses this weekend if Santa is in your house hunting plans.

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