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Victory Park upcoming luxury tower for young renters

Victory Park will include signature SkyHouse clubroom of the Novare Group

W Hotel is getting a new neighbor

Adjacent to the House of Blues the land at 2200 N Lamar is being developed as a 24 story, 336 unit luxury tower.  It is just northwest of the largest employment center in north Texas and just south of Victory Park.  This fits with the developers plan of high end rentals for young renters. With this development more high end rentals should be forthcoming to Victory Park and the downtown Dallas business arena.

This in turn will cultivate a need for more restaurants and retail services for this group of high end renters.  Now the Mavericks just need to kick in and put another NBA Championship flag in the AA Center and maybe even the Stars can find their 1999 form of winning again.   Not to mention the major concerts that these renters can literally walk to from this new 24 story luxury venue.

Additionally, a Whole Foods or Eatzi’s will be needed as this will be a true walk to everything neighborhood …. just like NYC or Chicago.  Wow right here in our own backyard of downtown Dallas.  You can thank the Novare Group for having the vision to push the envelope on their proven formula in Atlanta.

We’ve seen how a development like this can enhance an area as we SOLD units in 1999 McKinney back in the early 2000’s. This was when 1999 McKinney was being sold out of a trailer while  being built.  Since then the Ritz Carlton high rise residential has been added to the McKinney Ave. mystique along with the original Crescent Court business center.  So leave the car in the garage because there is no parking.  Thank goodness, you can walk everywhere or take the trolley.


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