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Top 6 Home Selling Mistakes

Home Condition has Everything to do with Price

Top 6 Home Selling Mistakes

You can’t move on until your house sells.

Well, maybe you can but it would be better if you could sell it first.

Did you know that 3 of the 6 top home selling mistakes have to do
with price?

Read on…if you want to know how to sell your home…

Top 6 Home Selling Mistakes

Interesting that most home sellers base current market value

1. what they paid
2. added improvements
3. cost of replacement

When the true value is really a current comparative market analysis.
What happens with the sellers pricing is no buyers will be interested
and the home won’t sell.

It’s those human emotions, ya know, it’s a lot of money!

Next big factor is Condition….

4. Minor repairs are necessary and touch ups are warranted to appeal
to buyers-heck, get a home inspection and fix the problems before the
buyer asks for them in repairs or credits.
Don’t neglect these it will improve the value.

5.  Replace worn or old carpet (that Polo green has got to go), bad wall-
paper and loud, shockingly bright walls.  All will add value to the

And the last and biggest home selling mistake is:

6.  Relying on the advice of family and friends, instead of an expert.
Often the advice is well meaning but completely wrong.  As human
beings we tend to put our trust in those we love and respect, when
the real question is:  What is your experience in buying and selling
real estate?

These simple tips are the difference between a good or bad real estate
experience.  If only it weren’t for those emotions and money!

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