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The Staggering Inventory of Luxury Homes

Dallas Housing Inventory Outlook

Shhhh…some people might not want you know this but the luxury
homes that are available in North Dallas and Park Cities Vicinities
is quite frankly , unbelievable.

What you have is the best selection and sharp pricing on some homes
but not all – that being said, know your comps and value of each
neighborhood and street for that matter.

The chart above shows the inventory of $500,000 and up homes
for each property type. Yep! It’s huge…

When you break this down into price points, here’s an example of
what you’ll find. I have several clients that I’m hunting for…..

I ran a search for area 11 and 25, North Dallas and Park Cities,
respectively in the 1.295 to 1.795 range. Can you guess how many
homes came up for sale?

150 you say, well try again…

280 properties for sale and many that are 2005 and newer. Yes,
280 units and there are more properties (specs) that are in the
building process. That’s HUGE!

Eye candy galore and you want it all. The selection is prime for
house hunting now and your bargaining power is well,
lets just say: Awesome!  Go get’em…

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