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Klyde Warren Park Pics

The Klyde Warren Park is not as big as I thought it would be but it seems to be the right size nonetheless…

Number 1 Thing You Must Do Before You Make A Short Sale Offer

Short Sales are going to be with us for a while, a long while…especially on higher end condos in Uptown and surrounding area where developers over developed and builders over built the same thing. Nuff – said.  Basically a short sale is when the lender will take less for a property then is actually owed.  […]

Condo Only – What kind of discounts are in the market?

For all you condo fiends out there waiting to get your pricey piece of pie in the sky, this chart will give you an idea of the price decreases that have been happening for condo listings in 75201 and 75204. As you can see, price adjustments have been taken aggressively for a year now.  How […]

Need to back out of a contract? Assign it…

In real estate there are many forms of contracts.  With all the new condo buildings I’ve noticed new listings on the MLS that are to be assigned.  For example, I mentioned two last week for The Ritz.  What is an assigned contract? This is one option if the original buyer wants to back out of […]

Real Estate Update for Dallas Uptown

The monthly indicator reports are updated on the left side bar – They are a one page PDF file from the MLS data through the month of August and year to date.  I have had quite a few requests for How’s the market in Uptown? – so here you go – The real condo story […]

Dallas Real Estate Update and Opportunities in the Market

Dallas Market stats come out the 8th of every month from the MLS, NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) and complied by the Real Estate Center (TX A&M). June is really no different than the past few months. Given the state of the economy and inflation. Overall, Dallas single family home sales were down […]

Real Estate Data on Dallas Dirt

Okay, you’ve probably heard or read by now real estate sales in Dallas were down 25% from last March. Not surprising from the financial meltdown and more sub prime mess that transpired in March. Here’s a few stats by area for single family resales: Far North Dallas Sales down 27%, Pending Sales down 47%, Months […]

Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa

photo by Stoneleigh blog After a long restoration, the Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa will re-open on March 3. I came across the Stoneleigh Residences which has tracked some of the restoration process. Combining modern with the historical history of Dallas. This is sweet, can’t wait to see the condos. I toured the models a couple years […]