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Mortgage Rates Going Up or Down Next 30 days?

Well, this question gets asked as much as “How’s the Market?” While the market could certainly use much improvement from the buy side. You need to get expert advice from a mortgage professional, check out The Mortgage Report for insider daily information on where the rates are heading….and do the lock sooner than later…

Special Developer Pricing at the W?

Pool with a View Originally uploaded by David Kozlowski I received one of the thousand daily email alerts today from the real estate community that got my interest, but there was no offer, just a link to the W website. Guess I’ll have to call to find out the deal. Nothing on the MLS either…could […]

Dallas Real Estate Stats for November

Dallas real estate stats for the previous month usually come out around the 8th of the next month. And it’s no surprise that Nov. results were disappointing, sales were down 16% from a year ago. However, you really need to look by area and neighborhood for the true picture. These are areas that might be […]