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Real Estate Data on Dallas Dirt

Okay, you’ve probably heard or read by now real estate sales in Dallas were down 25% from last March. Not surprising from the financial meltdown and more sub prime mess that transpired in March. Here’s a few stats by area for single family resales: Far North Dallas Sales down 27%, Pending Sales down 47%, Months […]

Park Cities Real Estate – Year End Update

It takes a while for the MLS to report all figures for year end. Not all transactions are entered by Dec. 31, so it takes longer to to get figures that are more correct, for what it’s worth. So without further adieu, here’s a recap of Park Cities real estate for 2007. Just the highlights… […]

Park Cities and Vicinity Stats – what’s vicinity?

I know you have more on your mind than real estate stats right now but this is for when you have time – it will be here. If you’re from the area then you know Park Cities is Highland Park and University Park, respectively.  And the surrounding areas make up many neighborhoods,  for this update […]