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What Online Home Searches don’t tell you that you should know…

It’s amazing and so efficient to research and locate homes on the Internet.  I bet most of you think you are looking at the real MLS – well think again.  Most home searches online are IDX searches (internet data exchange) which various vendors translate into data for the public, consumer – you and me.  Therefore […]

Dallas Property Search Pre-Defined

ADVANCED HOME SEARCH – DRAW POLYGONS – LIFESTYLE – RADIUS SEARCH FROM WORK – WALKSCORE & MORE! You know this site is always a work in progress. I changed the front page so you can see more information at a glance rather than have to dig and click a bunch. Dallas Property Search The one […]

Cool Mapping with MLS and Tax Info All In One

From the MLS you can access various tax information without going to the different county public web sites. About a month or so ago Realist (MLS Tax info provider) was updated and WOW! You can access mapping, MLS and Tax data all in one. Below is a photo of one our listings, 4520 Gilbert using […]