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Roller Coaster Real Estate Ride for Highland Park – since 2007

Interesting- Showing signs of recovery….so if you don’t think prices have come down, look again.

What’s the Median Price of Homes now in Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow?

With the events of the past 6 months, I know many are curious about the value of your home, like how much less-is it worth? Interestingly, you might be surprised by these charts that show the median price now and 6 months ago.  Preston Hollow zip code 75230 is actually flat and University Park is […]

Highland Park Home Price Declines and Days on Market – Where are we?

In case you’re wondering how we’re looking against last year, Here’s a graph that shows median price in Highland Park, 75205 from a year ago – more than $200,000 in price reductions…could go lower but watch out for buying opportunities that already exist now and they do. More movement here than Preston Hollow. Days on […]

Dallas vs Plano Median Price – It’s UP!

If your concerned about your property values going down, don’t be! The graph above shows median prices in Dallas and Plano since Dec. Nice upward trend, yes..something positive. The market has been tougher but Dallas has not had to deal with the absurd price appreciation that CA, FL and Vegas have had. Dallas has to […]