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Dallas real estate is holding it’s own compared to other cities – Big Time!

The Case-Schiller index came out last week and it shows the state of the market compared to major U.S. cities. Take a look: Dallas only shows a 3.2% decline in sales, one of the lowest decreases. Be glad you’re not selling in CA, NV or FL. Chart is for single family, not condos or townhomes. […]

Dallas Real Estate Update April Results

Real Estate Data from NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) comes out the 8th of every month. These are MLS numbers, supplied by Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. Sales for Single Family homes were down 11%, Dollar Volume down 12% and Pending Sales down 26%, which is disappointing for May… but you […]

North Dallas Stats and Year to Date

I get a lot of market data by the MLS, Altos and sometimes nice people at title companies. Shannon at Chicago Title was kind enough to send me all North Texas areas. North Dallas is everything south of LBJ and North of Northwest Highway. This chart is for 1st quarter sales and an accurate outlook […]

Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, we don’t have a problem

Now that’s not to say everything is great, but Texas real estate is much better off than the rest of the top 34 markets according to First American with the release of the December 2007 Loan Performance Home Price Index. Here’s a snippet of the Texas market data for quarterly price changes. Not so bad, […]

Dallas Housing Update

“The Big Picture” It would be no surprise to think home sales were going to be in positive territory for January, here are the results just in. Single Family home sales were down 16% against last year. Average Price of $185,229 down 1% from a year ago. Average Days on market is 88. Average $ […]

Park Cities Real Estate – Year End Update

It takes a while for the MLS to report all figures for year end. Not all transactions are entered by Dec. 31, so it takes longer to to get figures that are more correct, for what it’s worth. So without further adieu, here’s a recap of Park Cities real estate for 2007. Just the highlights… […]