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Dallas Real Estate Update and Opportunities in the Market

Dallas Market stats come out the 8th of every month from the MLS, NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems) and complied by the Real Estate Center (TX A&M). June is really no different than the past few months. Given the state of the economy and inflation. Overall, Dallas single family home sales were down […]

Perfect Time to Buy Upper Tier in 75230

Weekly charts are a good way to monitor the real time market. I’m watching for several buyers for 1M plus, that need the convenience of private schools.  These two charts are for 75230. What you see are prices in the upper tier going down, this is also where much of the new home inventory is.  […]

Dallas Condo Conundrum

With over 2121 condo-town home units for sale in Dallas you might want to know: “How hot is the market for condos in my price range?” Below are weekly charts to see where the trends might be heading. Of the 65 condo units that were absorbed last week (either sold or taken off the market) […]

Dallas Real Estate Stats for November

Dallas real estate stats for the previous month usually come out around the 8th of the next month. And it’s no surprise that Nov. results were disappointing, sales were down 16% from a year ago. However, you really need to look by area and neighborhood for the true picture. These are areas that might be […]