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Best Foreclosure Buy in UP!

Unfortunately, this one didn’t last long, 1929 remodel in University Heights. On market 11 days, list price $605,000, on tax roles for $972,600.  And at $605,000, you can bet this was a multiple offer scenario. It’s pending, it’ll be interesting to see what it sells for, if it’s disclosed.  Missed this one? Don’t worry, there […]

There Goes the Neighborhood – Luxury Foreclosure Finds

I was interviewed last week by people newspapers on foreclosures in the Park Cites and Preston Hollow.  We met at a million dollar foreclosure listing in Preston Hollow – a builder gone bust! Foreclosures are on the rise for high end properties. Since much of the market activity has been distressed properties across the nation […]

Best Foreclosure Buy in Preston Hollow

WOW! You can see the effects of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac finally trickle down!  The government wants to sell houses more than lenders….(another post) Check out this Dallas foreclosure link and take a peek at 6532 Chevy Chase – there are some some unbelievable buyer incentives if you qualify.  This is very good news […]

Do you want the best info for New Listings, Foreclosures and Open Houses?

I regularly post new listings, foreclosures and open houses in a weekly PDF file. Now I’ve set up a portal directly from the MLS. Go ahead and click the lovely photo to the right for links on the latest listings, foreclosures and open houses available. Areas covered are Park Cities and Vicinities, Preston Hollow, Uptown […]

Friday and Foreclosure Tips for the Bottom Feeders

The banks seem to be having a problem evaluating their real estate holdings.  They packaged many properties together and it’s so complicated for the smart guys to figure out.  Well, it’s not too hard when you take a single property and run the comps (market value) and take a look at tax records (assessed value) […]

Friday and Million Dollar Foreclosures

Well, Happy Friday and the biggest bail out ever…. The WSJ had an article today called the finest foreclosures and that would be foreclosures over a cool million. There are 5 so far that come up in 75205,75225 and 75230. Take a peek…(foreclosure link, upper right sidebar) Another opportunity are builders properties that are not […]

Yes, There are Foreclosures in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow and here’s the list

I think it goes without saying that many upscale and luxury neighborhoods have seen there fair share of foreclosures or are starting to. You might ask – Why are these communities hit too? The answer is one that may not surprise you. Many of the foreclosures in the Park Cities are speculators – not true […]

Falling for Foreclosures and don’t fall in love before you close….

There’s a saying in real estate that you should not fall in love with a property until you close. And in today’s market that’s even more so based on the current climate. Buyer’s want a deal and (REO) lenders are playing hard to get even after you have an executed contract. Here’s an example from […]