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Big Deal to Dallas

Big Deal to Dallas based Santander Consumer USA Inc consolidation will bring 700 to 1,000 employees into the central business district Santander is majority (65%) owned by Banco Santander concentrating on auto financing (such as CarMax) and consumer lending. It has been noted a number of Banco Santander’s North Texas subsidiaries will consolidate within up […]

Dallas Market Insight – August 2013

Real Data for Insight into Dallas Real Estate Market Dallas Market Insight for Single Family Homes: Strong demand for a limited supply of homes for sale has continued to rise despite higher interest rate increases, at least for now. If mortgage rates rise further that could put a damper on the party, although that has […]

Best Buys in Dallas Real Estate: Million Dollar Homes

Buy low and sell high is what you want to happen when you buy real estate.  Although you might think everything will work out sometimes the timing is just plain bad, like pre 2005.  When every builder, speculator, mortgage entities, bad banks and yes, agents, brokers went crazy and bid everything up.  Notice I didn’t […]

Friday’s Fence – What went wrong here…

I go in many drop dead gorgeous homes and you also see a lot of weird things being in real estate.  Like above, usually when you build a fence you build around the tree and if it’s on the property line you get with the neighbors to make arrangements to every one’s satisfaction.  I guess […]

How’s the Dallas Real Estate Market?

Has it stabilized?  One way to determine “How’s the market?” is to get a barring on demand.  The above chart is broken down by price quartile.  High end market is black and as you can see demand is weak, same for the orange line but better than black, but demand is picking up.  The blue […]

Park Cities and Preston Hollow Pricing Trends

Ask anyone around and the real estate market in these zip codes are tough! Especially in the upper end market. Slow and slower come to mind. The chart gives you a barometer from last year so you buyers can see that pricing has come way, way down from higher levels. Sellers are serious! Year to […]

Scam Real Estate Pricing

Boy, If you were an agent and made your living in real estate, you would not believe what goes on in this industry. Oh! Buyer beware and then some…The only way you can detect fraud or unethical practices is to work in and study the market, know your numbers, it’s no surprise that first quarter […]

The Dallas Real Estate Foreclosure Report…you need to know…

Since foreclosures are in many buyer preferences when searching for a home these days, I started posting the quarterly foreclosure report for our region. Just hot off the press from the Collin County Association of Realtors. The take away is that foreclosure listings are almost down 12% from a year ago, (see chart above) a […]

New News at One Arts Plaza

Photograph by Charles Smith, AIA One Arts Plaza is making news this month in Texas Architect Magazine. Read here… Homage to the Square. The article touts architect Lionel Morrison, FAIA as a significant force in one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Arts District. When the Arts District opens in Fall 2009, this […]

Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, we don’t have a problem

Now that’s not to say everything is great, but Texas real estate is much better off than the rest of the top 34 markets according to First American with the release of the December 2007 Loan Performance Home Price Index. Here’s a snippet of the Texas market data for quarterly price changes. Not so bad, […]