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Museum Tower Units are Officially for Sale

This will absolutely be the most elegant development in the Arts District. In keeping with the modern bones of Flora Street these units will be the most luxurious of all projects, so far. 19 units have been posted on the MLS in the past 30 days or so.  Starting at a mere $1.275 M to $4 […]

Need to back out of a contract? Assign it…

In real estate there are many forms of contracts.  With all the new condo buildings I’ve noticed new listings on the MLS that are to be assigned.  For example, I mentioned two last week for The Ritz.  What is an assigned contract? This is one option if the original buyer wants to back out of […]

Dallas Ritz Condo Units for Sale – Again…

Two units popped up yesterday as new listings, but they had been sold.  These unique condo units at the Ritz Tower Two are back on the market.  They will be an assigned sale.  What’s that?  You might ask…Well, in condo talk that’s when the original contract went south, or fell through for whatever reason – […]

Just the facts, please…Dallas Condo update for last week

Check out this visual chart of the Dallas condo market – Along with comparables this chart helps to verify trends and stay ahead of the market. You might think that the market action index is bad, being at 19 and COLD! It actually is trending upward,  30 is considered a balanced market between buyers and […]

Real Estate Data on Dallas Dirt

Okay, you’ve probably heard or read by now real estate sales in Dallas were down 25% from last March. Not surprising from the financial meltdown and more sub prime mess that transpired in March. Here’s a few stats by area for single family resales: Far North Dallas Sales down 27%, Pending Sales down 47%, Months […]

Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa

photo by Stoneleigh blog After a long restoration, the Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa will re-open on March 3. I came across the Stoneleigh Residences which has tracked some of the restoration process. Combining modern with the historical history of Dallas. This is sweet, can’t wait to see the condos. I toured the models a couple years […]

A Peek At One Arts Plaza – It’s Surreal

Stay Entertained at One Arts Plaza The Arts District in downtown Dallas has been torn up for awhile. There is one shining star to marvel – One Arts Plaza. I’ve been fortunate enough to go on two Hard Hat tours of this structure during construction and the views are astounding. Here are a few photos […]