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Condo Only – What kind of discounts are in the market?

For all you condo fiends out there waiting to get your pricey piece of pie in the sky, this chart will give you an idea of the price decreases that have been happening for condo listings in 75201 and 75204. As you can see, price adjustments have been taken aggressively for a year now.  How […]

Hard Core Condo Numbers for Uptown Real Estate

You can really get depressed looking at sales data for housing, so to take a different spin on it – I’ll look at the opportunities that present themselves from bad data.  While the numbers for September won’t be out till the 8th lets take a look at the two Uptown zip codes: 75201 and 75204 […]

Dallas Condo Conundrum

With over 2121 condo-town home units for sale in Dallas you might want to know: “How hot is the market for condos in my price range?” Below are weekly charts to see where the trends might be heading. Of the 65 condo units that were absorbed last week (either sold or taken off the market) […]