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Preston Hollow Dog Watch

When you make your living in real estate you go in many, many homes.  You see all kinds of things, needless to say. The above plaque was on the front door of a cool mid-century ranch that had never been updated. Located in Preston Hollow – I have never come across such a serious brass […]

How’s the market? 7 Day Stats for 75205, 75225 and 75230

Are you on the fence? Selling or Buying? I know from talking to many people they just can’t commit quite yet.  And to be honest I really can’t blame them with all the negative info flying around these days. So, get a true picture of your local market from Altos with these 7 day stats […]

Dallas Median Price and Inventory since 2007

This is for all the analytic hounds and rightfully so in this market. Dallas has held better than most cities, because it never had the run up or crazy people trying to outbid each other although there are areas of concern and bubbles in Dallas, opening price point is not one of them. The 7 […]

What’s the Median Price of Homes now in Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow?

With the events of the past 6 months, I know many are curious about the value of your home, like how much less-is it worth? Interestingly, you might be surprised by these charts that show the median price now and 6 months ago.  Preston Hollow zip code 75230 is actually flat and University Park is […]

What Online Home Searches don’t tell you that you should know…

It’s amazing and so efficient to research and locate homes on the Internet.  I bet most of you think you are looking at the real MLS – well think again.  Most home searches online are IDX searches (internet data exchange) which various vendors translate into data for the public, consumer – you and me.  Therefore […]

Real Estate Results Revealed in Park Cities and Preston Hollow

No surprise, DFW sales were down 33% from a year ago. It has to do with the economy, lending and the time of year. Mostly lending money of jumbo loans has curtailed sales in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow. It will come back and so will the market. November real estate results for Park […]

Do you want the best info for New Listings, Foreclosures and Open Houses?

I regularly post new listings, foreclosures and open houses in a weekly PDF file. Now I’ve set up a portal directly from the MLS. Go ahead and click the lovely photo to the right for links on the latest listings, foreclosures and open houses available. Areas covered are Park Cities and Vicinities, Preston Hollow, Uptown […]

Looking for Open Houses in Park Cities and Preston Hollow?

You found it! Go ahead and click the Sunday Open House Tab on the home page. You’ll get time, dates and location. 45 great homes to tour today in 75205,75225 and 75230. There really are some great buys now!  Home to the left is in a new high end contemporary development called “Skibell” in North […]

Park Cities and Preston Hollow Open House Roundup

Get out this weekend and enjoy the cool weather -it’s officially fall now!  Open House list is luxurious and plentiful, pricing is very competitive too.  Take the tour, check out the Sunday open house tab and tour all open houses that are on the MLS in Park Cities and Preston Hollow. 46 gorgeous homes to […]

Some Great Foreclosure Buys in Park Cities Area

The foreclosure list this week is for the Park Cities area. There are a couple on Lovers and Mockingbird that could be good as a rental or lot value.  A word of advice, be careful to know the comps on million dollar properties, some are priced regular resale and don’t account for a foreclosure status.  […]