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Get Local – Real Estate Trends by Bubble Zip Codes

You might be curious just how prices have been effected the last two years in the bubble zip codes.  Not the bubble bursting real estate market as in Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona but as in the bubble zip codes, namely and fondly – 75205, 75225 and 75230 – Park Cities and around plus Preston […]

New Listings Way Down in Dallas

If you’re a first time buyer in this market, especially in the price range under $300K you might wonder why there are multiple offers on homes you like. That goes for foreclosure properties too.  One reason is the inventory levels in Dallas are low and over 32% down from 2 years ago.  Take a look […]

Park Cities and Preston Hollow Pricing Trends

Ask anyone around and the real estate market in these zip codes are tough! Especially in the upper end market. Slow and slower come to mind. The chart gives you a barometer from last year so you buyers can see that pricing has come way, way down from higher levels. Sellers are serious! Year to […]

This could be an Easy Tax Fix if you bought your home last year

Just when you thought the tax man was done, here comes the other taxing authority, Dallas CAD.  The appraisals are out and the shout out has begun.  Especially in tony neighborhoods, values have come down, way down.  Time to get out the gloves and run the comps! One easy way to get your tax values […]

Scam Real Estate Pricing

Boy, If you were an agent and made your living in real estate, you would not believe what goes on in this industry. Oh! Buyer beware and then some…The only way you can detect fraud or unethical practices is to work in and study the market, know your numbers, it’s no surprise that first quarter […]

Holy Moley! This could be a record ! 180 Open Houses this weekend in 75205,75225 and 75230 – get all the info here…

I’ve been posting open houses for over a year now on this site, you can check the portal to the right and then download the open house report link to get all the juicy details.  There are over 180 properties for this weekend!  Around 60 is the norm for Park Cities and areas in these […]

Dallas Real Estate Market Update: The Bubble Report – March 2009

The March market was not kind to the whole metroplex, Dallas sales were down 20% from last year.  However, you can’t go by general numbers, you need to really look at local activity by area to get a grasp of the current market. We’ll look at Area 11 which is North Dallas and Area 25 […]

Open Houses and Million Dollar Homes

Nice pad! Yea! Take a look at the open house link for over 100 open houses this weekend.  Of the 88 builder properties in the Park Cities (HP Schools only) 29 of them, yes 29, have recently taken price reductions, click the better weather photo on the upper right to check it all out.  If […]

Why Preston Hollow prices will come down more…

You know there use to be a saying: “Home Pricing in the bubble is immune to the rest of the market, it just doesn’t happen here.”  Well, that might have been true up to a couple years ago but that has all changed. What I mean by the “bubble” is the Park Cities and neighbor […]

Spring Ahead & Open Houses

Time to set the clocks ahead so you don’t miss any of the 100 open houses this weekend.  Yeah, that’s right – 100…you might find something you want to buy.  Check out the open house report for dates and times and enjoy the extra hour.