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New Home or Used? Which is the Better Buy?

Before I was a licensed Broker – Realtor, I did what every buyer-consumer does when they start considering a place to call home.  Back then there weren’t any homes on the Internet to help with the pre-search.  You just got in the car and drove, it helped that you knew the area.  I looked at […]

Why Preston Hollow prices will come down more…

You know there use to be a saying: “Home Pricing in the bubble is immune to the rest of the market, it just doesn’t happen here.”  Well, that might have been true up to a couple years ago but that has all changed. What I mean by the “bubble” is the Park Cities and neighbor […]

Yes, There are Foreclosures in the Park Cities and Preston Hollow and here’s the list

I think it goes without saying that many upscale and luxury neighborhoods have seen there fair share of foreclosures or are starting to. You might ask – Why are these communities hit too? The answer is one that may not surprise you. Many of the foreclosures in the Park Cities are speculators – not true […]