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Friday’s Fence – What went wrong here…

I go in many drop dead gorgeous homes and you also see a lot of weird things being in real estate.  Like above, usually when you build a fence you build around the tree and if it’s on the property line you get with the neighbors to make arrangements to every one’s satisfaction.  I guess […]

Median Real Estate Prices for all you Condo Junkies

Take a peek at this in Uptown, Oak lawn and Turtle Creek condo pricing. With the inventory levels dropping it could be the right time to grab your bargain. If you are looking for a swank Uptown condo, the inventory levels are rising so you can be pickier.  Go ahead – I bet the banks, […]

Dallas Ritz Condo Units for Sale – Again…

Two units popped up yesterday as new listings, but they had been sold.  These unique condo units at the Ritz Tower Two are back on the market.  They will be an assigned sale.  What’s that?  You might ask…Well, in condo talk that’s when the original contract went south, or fell through for whatever reason – […]

Special Developer Pricing at the W?

Pool with a View Originally uploaded by David Kozlowski I received one of the thousand daily email alerts today from the real estate community that got my interest, but there was no offer, just a link to the W website. Guess I’ll have to call to find out the deal. Nothing on the MLS either…could […]

Semi Fall in Turtle Creek – Gallery Tour

Well, this time of year is what we all look forward to after a burning hot summer. And today was one of those intoxicating days, of relaxation. A couple shots of Turtle Creek below – as fall quietly steps in. Before photos were taken live and a photoshopped version is the after.  I’m thinking this […]

Real Estate Update for Dallas Uptown

The monthly indicator reports are updated on the left side bar – They are a one page PDF file from the MLS data through the month of August and year to date.  I have had quite a few requests for How’s the market in Uptown? – so here you go – The real condo story […]

Foreclosures and a little relaxation

You really knead one of these massages after you’ve experienced closing a few foreclosures, definitely something to look forward too. If you’re still looking for the perfect one and want to shop offline – the foreclosure link has been updated on the top right sidebar. Have a great and safe holiday.

Real Estate Data on Dallas Dirt

Okay, you’ve probably heard or read by now real estate sales in Dallas were down 25% from last March. Not surprising from the financial meltdown and more sub prime mess that transpired in March. Here’s a few stats by area for single family resales: Far North Dallas Sales down 27%, Pending Sales down 47%, Months […]

Where the Dallas Housing Inventory Is

I usually post Open Houses for the weekend but since it’s Easter there just aren’t that many. So, here’s a chart to consider if you’re thinking of buying or investing in Dallas real estate. Dallas hasn’t experienced the price appreciation of other cities but we do have our share of sub prime disasters. The townhome […]