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Condo Only – What kind of discounts are in the market?

For all you condo fiends out there waiting to get your pricey piece of pie in the sky, this chart will give you an idea of the price decreases that have been happening for condo listings in 75201 and 75204. As you can see, price adjustments have been taken aggressively for a year now.  How […]

Need to back out of a contract? Assign it…

In real estate there are many forms of contracts.  With all the new condo buildings I’ve noticed new listings on the MLS that are to be assigned.  For example, I mentioned two last week for The Ritz.  What is an assigned contract? This is one option if the original buyer wants to back out of […]

Median Real Estate Prices for all you Condo Junkies

Take a peek at this in Uptown, Oak lawn and Turtle Creek condo pricing. With the inventory levels dropping it could be the right time to grab your bargain. If you are looking for a swank Uptown condo, the inventory levels are rising so you can be pickier.  Go ahead – I bet the banks, […]

Friday and Foreclosure Tips for the Bottom Feeders

The banks seem to be having a problem evaluating their real estate holdings.  They packaged many properties together and it’s so complicated for the smart guys to figure out.  Well, it’s not too hard when you take a single property and run the comps (market value) and take a look at tax records (assessed value) […]

Hard Core Condo Numbers for Uptown Real Estate

You can really get depressed looking at sales data for housing, so to take a different spin on it – I’ll look at the opportunities that present themselves from bad data.  While the numbers for September won’t be out till the 8th lets take a look at the two Uptown zip codes: 75201 and 75204 […]

Real Estate Update for Dallas Uptown

The monthly indicator reports are updated on the left side bar – They are a one page PDF file from the MLS data through the month of August and year to date.  I have had quite a few requests for How’s the market in Uptown? – so here you go – The real condo story […]

The Dallas Arts District – Opera Progress

I was in the arts district yesterday which still is an organized disaster zone. The progress is amazing just the least few years. Coming up Pearl to hit the tollway I started to think that Downtown was really starting to look like a Downtown or is Uptown looking like Downtown, either way the architecture is […]

Historical Real Estate Numbers for Dallas

Just in case you are in the real estate market now – here’s a peek into the Dallas data. Whether you are a buyer or seller this should help or make you feel better anyway. Even though closed sales are down you can see Dallas never had the crazy run ups like other cities. Even […]

New News at One Arts Plaza

Photograph by Charles Smith, AIA One Arts Plaza is making news this month in Texas Architect Magazine. Read here… Homage to the Square. The article touts architect Lionel Morrison, FAIA as a significant force in one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Arts District. When the Arts District opens in Fall 2009, this […]

Real Estate Data on Dallas Dirt

Okay, you’ve probably heard or read by now real estate sales in Dallas were down 25% from last March. Not surprising from the financial meltdown and more sub prime mess that transpired in March. Here’s a few stats by area for single family resales: Far North Dallas Sales down 27%, Pending Sales down 47%, Months […]