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No Negotiations – Really?


You know every real estate transaction is different.
There’s always the house of course and a buyer, seller
and probably an agent or two.

I think it goes without saying that all of real estate transactions
are negotiable. From the price, terms, commissions and even
non real estate items, like a refrigerator or personal items,
heck- if you want to sell something – go for it.

However this week a seller decided to agree with the comps
but would not accept them because he needed X amount out
of the sale to buy his new house. So, it was the list price or
forget it!

The house was very over-priced! And the comps verified our
fair offer but the seller decided – no negotiations.

That’s fine but don’t make buyers write a contract when you
really don’t want to sell it in the first place. In this market you
need to list on the lower end of the scale especially if there is a
lot of inventory in a particular sub-division.

Next house please…and that’s what we did.

So buyers its good to have a few home choices available
just in case you get a difficult seller. And that is easy to
do in this market.

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Passionate about real estate, positive problem solver, specialty boutique real estate brokerage that does things your way! A full-time Broker & REALTOR®, helping people buy and sell homes in the Dallas - Plano area. Whether you're a buyer just starting out or someone with luxury properties to sell. I have extensive knowledge and experience to help you with your real estate transaction. I am a native Dallasite & know stuff, ask me...

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