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Living Large in a New Home

Living Large in a David Weekley Home

Living Large

David Weekley’s LifeDesign Concept

Open floor plans seem to be on everyone’s wish list when it comes to buying a home.   When you buy a new home you will always get the latest trends a builder has to offer. It’s all about how you live in a space. There is more to an open floor plan than just being open. It must work for how you live, home features are great but do they work for you and your family?

Living large is having an open space feel larger than it is and function at the same time.

David Weekley Home Builder is addressing “Living Large” as a unique concept call LifeDesign.

What is it?

The LifeDesign concept combines thoughtful design principals as a designer or architect would.

Check out the 4 components on the David Weekley site for more detailed information about building a new home for the way you live!

  1. Site Lines – no obstructions
  2. Traffic Patterns  – how you move
  3. Room Placement – convenience
  4. Windows & Light – brightness

Building a new home is an exciting endeavor and knowing you have an experienced home builder behind you is 98% of the process.  Planning is key to get what you want!
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