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Does Staging a Home Increase the List Price?


More and more sellers in this market are staging their homes, mostly
in the upper tier price range.

I’ve come across several properties in the past two months that have
dramatically increased in price! Both have been on the market for
a couple of years and have done the downward price decline spiral
and still have not sold.

These luxury properties have new listing agents which have bought
the listing. What? I thought the buyer bought the home….read on…

I’m sure all sellers will understand this- if you have ever had your home
on the market and it didn’t sell. If it sat for 6 months or more – then likely
you were disappointed with your agent. That’s just human nature and
well, it’s part of the real estate business. Some homes just don’t sell.

What’s interesting is this and I will just use one home as an example:

Property on the market for over 1.7M a few years ago.
It has sold twice and been on the market since 2006. The home has taken
many price reductions, probably had some offers but nothing happened.
It has been down as low as 1.375M. The sellers will take 1.3M.
I know that because we had a client that was interested but decided
on another home.

Now, a couple weeks later the property comes up as a new listing on the
MLS and now the price is $1.495M – What happened did the values go up?
No – the home got staged and marked up $125K!

That’s it! Same location, Same house, Different agent -If this isn’t a
shout out to the consumer, it should be – always look at the MLS history
before you buy – it might save you 100K. And seller’s love an agent
that says they can get them more money – that’s called buying the listing!
And It happens all the time.

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Passionate about real estate, positive problem solver, specialty boutique real estate brokerage that does things your way! A full-time Broker & REALTOR®, helping people buy and sell homes in the Dallas - Plano area. Whether you're a buyer just starting out or someone with luxury properties to sell. I have extensive knowledge and experience to help you with your real estate transaction. I am a native Dallasite & know stuff, ask me...


  1. Another thing that we have seen that people have done for a competitive advantage over other homes in a given neighborhood is to update the stairs with a more impressive baluster/spindle pattern most commonly swapping from wood to iron.
    For a little over a thousand dollars, for an average swap out, you can increase the first impressions and ultimately the value and decrease the time on the market.
    Check out our website for more details at: http://www.trinitystairs.com

  2. Thanks for commenting on Dallas homes center…I think changing out the spindles is one of the best updates a client can do – for the money – it is one of the first things you see when you enter the home and makes it look new and fresh, a very cost effective emotional pull for little money and it stays with the home. Valued added update for the buyer.

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