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Dallas Farmers Market In Bloom

Dallas Flowers

Dallas Flowers

Fresh Food

I’ve been going to the Dallas farmers market lately to pick up fresh veggies.   The market has gotten so much smaller the last few years…so sad to say. The line at Pecan Lodge is really the only signs of life.  Did I say YUM!  And the carrots were the biggest I’ve ever seen. Really!  Like 2 inches thick.  Huge bags of leaf spinach that made you healthier just looking at it.  For $2.  Can’t wait for the sheds to become full again.  How Soon?

New Town Homes

There are many new town homes going up and that does give you hope, especially with SOLD signs on the lots. These new homes are built with many green energy features that will save you lots of $Green. I’ve heard of under $100. electric bills in summer! Unless you live in a green home you cannot realize the savings.

Fresh Start

Hopefully, the new private market can reach its potential under new ownership.  Like other big cities you would expect the Dallas farmers market to reflect the city of Dallas in a positive light.  Such great potential is waiting to be released and watching Dallas transform itself is very interesting, indeed! Note: I’ve been extremely spoiled by Pikes Place Market in Seattle and wish Dallas will aspire to that level. All Dallasites deserve it.

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