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A Glance at Dallas Historical Interest Rates

Since the market has changed dramatically in the last three months, it might be a good time to look at interest rates since 2002.  Look at 2002, around 7.2, then dropped to 5.4 in 2003, I remember sitting in closings that were around 4.2 on a 30 year fixed, sweet.  Things have bounced around again […]

Where to find the Best Buys in Dallas Real Estate

Boy, you’d think the real estate market is never going to come back if you listen to mainstream media. Despite the downturn in markets that went crazy- like Miami, Tampa, Detroit, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego that have posted double digit declines, Dallas is still one of the few cities that is still holding […]

Dallas Ho Ho Ho

From the movie “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” 1954 with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Danny Kaye Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dallas Architecture in Victory Park

The skyline in downtown Dallas is going through a major transformation. Victory Park is one of the new areas of focus. This is where AA center is (photo above left) and the W Hotel (pool area above center)-interesting point of view. Below are a couple of photos of the W entrance and the lobby, Dallas […]

Park Cities and Vicinity Stats – what’s vicinity?

I know you have more on your mind than real estate stats right now but this is for when you have time – it will be here. If you’re from the area then you know Park Cities is Highland Park and University Park, respectively.  And the surrounding areas make up many neighborhoods,  for this update […]

Modern Christmas at Northpark

If you don’t know about the best shopping mall in Dallas, here’s a photo of Northpark Center during the holidays.  The mall went through a major renovation a couple years ago but still maintains it modern contemporary feel from the 1960’s.  It’s very austere with polished concrete floors and white brick exterior.  The mall is […]

How Reliable are Square Footage Figures?

Dollar per square foot is always the name of the game in real estate. You make an offer and purchase the home based on this information. So when looking for a home you should pay particular attention to the source of square foot information.  It’s usually determined by 1 of the 3 methods below. tax roles appraiser building […]

Dallas Real Estate Stats for November

Dallas real estate stats for the previous month usually come out around the 8th of the next month. And it’s no surprise that Nov. results were disappointing, sales were down 16% from a year ago. However, you really need to look by area and neighborhood for the true picture. These are areas that might be […]