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Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa

photo by Stoneleigh blog After a long restoration, the Stoneleigh Hotel and Spa will re-open on March 3. I came across the Stoneleigh Residences which has tracked some of the restoration process. Combining modern with the historical history of Dallas. This is sweet, can’t wait to see the condos. I toured the models a couple years […]

Park Cities Market Update

It’s good to know where the real estate market is headed instead of looking in the rear view mirror. So here’s some Park Cities trends from last week by median price, inventory and average days on market. WOW! Inventory is shooting way up, just in time for the spring housing marathon. 38% increase in University […]

Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, we don’t have a problem

Now that’s not to say everything is great, but Texas real estate is much better off than the rest of the top 34 markets according to First American with the release of the December 2007 Loan Performance Home Price Index. Here’s a snippet of the Texas market data for quarterly price changes. Not so bad, […]

Coming Soon

This was taken last year and looking forward to the Bradford Pears blooming soon. We don’t have long winters here, but they are dull.

Dallas Housing Update

“The Big Picture” It would be no surprise to think home sales were going to be in positive territory for January, here are the results just in. Single Family home sales were down 16% against last year. Average Price of $185,229 down 1% from a year ago. Average Days on market is 88. Average $ […]

Google Street Views

Let’s say you found this great home but you want to know what the neighborhood looks like. Did you know that you can get a street view without getting in your car? All you have to do is go to Google Maps and type in the address and zip code and viola, you can see […]

Park Cities Real Estate – Year End Update

It takes a while for the MLS to report all figures for year end. Not all transactions are entered by Dec. 31, so it takes longer to to get figures that are more correct, for what it’s worth. So without further adieu, here’s a recap of Park Cities real estate for 2007. Just the highlights… […]

Cool Mapping with MLS and Tax Info All In One

From the MLS you can access various tax information without going to the different county public web sites. About a month or so ago Realist (MLS Tax info provider) was updated and WOW! You can access mapping, MLS and Tax data all in one. Below is a photo of one our listings, 4520 Gilbert using […]

Consulting the Crystal Ball

How’s the market? You might ask…so here’s a great chart to show you how the Dallas real estate market has been steady in these zip codes – 75205, 75225, 75230, 75229 and 75219. This is for median price per sq ft since March of 2007. As you can see the top black line is Highland […]

Dallas vs Plano Median Home Price

Here’s a great little chart that shows the median price of homes since Sept. 07 for Dallas and Plano. You can see it’s steady with the typical dip during the holiday season. Also prices are heading back up which is a great sign despite all the housing slump talk. This shows how affordable the DFW […]