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Dallas Market Insight – August 2013

Real Data for Insight into Dallas Real Estate Market Dallas Market Insight for Single Family Homes: Strong demand for a limited supply of homes for sale has continued to rise despite higher interest rate increases, at least for now. If mortgage rates rise further that could put a damper on the party, although that has […]

Dallas Real Estate Information You Need To Know

Housing Supply Indicators – Dallas Real Estate – April 2013 Dallas Real Estate activity is like a moving target.  It’s constantly changing because it’s retail.  You have specific goals for your home search and no two buyers are alike. Knowing where opportunities are is different from finding a perfect traditional, with pool on a cul de sac lot.  Getting […]

Dallas County Real Estate Trends – Feb. 2013

What are Dallas County Real Estate Trends – Feb. 2013?   How’s the Market? It’s getting better!  But it’s much more complicated too.  This chart is straight from the MLS , no projections, just actual information complied by NTREIS (North Texas Real Estate Information Systems). Dallas County sales are up almost 2% from last year […]

Low Inventory Explodes Sellers Market

Low Inventory – March 2013 How Low is Low? You might have heard that low inventory is helping the housing market get better.  And it is.  In fact, housing inventory is the lowest its been since the start of this century!  Look at the chart above and you can see the decline started back mid […]

Dallas Closed Sales

Dallas Closed Sales are Better! How’s the Dallas Real Estate Market? Dallas closed sales had a double digit increase.  Finally! The graph shows a 14% increase from last year, that’s  2557 more homes sold.  Nice kick off for 2013.   If you want to share click this link ….Closed Sales for Dallas.

Dallas County Real Estate Trends – Feb 2012

Median Sales Price for West Plano Area 20-1 – 75093

Median Sales Price for 20-1.

Park Cities Wheeling and Dealing

Even though sales units are down double digits, the Park Cities remains an excellent value for buying or selling real estate. Note the Original Price to Sales Price is 88.1% which means sellers are making concessions and considerations to sell a property.  And that’s a good thing!

University Park Sales Stats – Might Surprise YOU!

UP Sales by Price Range The criteria used was all sales just in UP last 6 months. Take a look at the 1.M to 4.49M – 44 properties, sure not indicative of what you here about the market or news, is it? What’s interesting is sales have been better in UP than HP past 6 […]

Get Local – Real Estate Trends by Bubble Zip Codes

You might be curious just how prices have been effected the last two years in the bubble zip codes.  Not the bubble bursting real estate market as in Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona but as in the bubble zip codes, namely and fondly – 75205, 75225 and 75230 – Park Cities and around plus Preston […]