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Jerry’s taking his Blue Star Land to Prosper

Blue Star Land heads North And in case you’re not familiar with where Prosper, TX is……it’s just eight miles due north up the DNT from The Star in Frisco and will be known as the Gates of Prosper. As we all know Blue Star Land, The Jones Families Real Estate development division, thinks through all aspects […]

Real Estate Development Progresses in Plano

Steve Brown/Real Estate Editor for DMN always keeps readers ‘in the know’!  Here’s a perfect example from Steve’s May 18, 2015 Biz Beat Blog on Liberty Mutual’s new West Plano office campus in the $2 billion Legacy West mixed-use development. For those that might not be familiar with Steve Brown ….. he is the longstanding […]

Dallas Disaster Fleet

State Farm Dallas Disaster Response Fleet State Farm Dallas Regional office in far North Dallas has a fleet of Ford Transit Connect vehicles.  They are a part of the Dallas Disaster response team for the Southwest region of the country.  I don’t know for a fact, but assume by the photo of the Ford Transit […]

Dallas Farmers Market In Bloom

Fresh Food I’ve been going to the Dallas farmers market lately to pick up fresh veggies.   The market has gotten so much smaller the last few years…so sad to say. The line at Pecan Lodge is really the only signs of life.  Did I say YUM!  And the carrots were the biggest I’ve ever […]

Happy Halloween!

Friday’s Fence – What went wrong here…

I go in many drop dead gorgeous homes and you also see a lot of weird things being in real estate.  Like above, usually when you build a fence you build around the tree and if it’s on the property line you get with the neighbors to make arrangements to every one’s satisfaction.  I guess […]

Crazy Ice Storm Hits DFW

photo credit: FotoDawg Now most folks up north or northeast way laugh at this, but we do not fair well in any kind of cold weather – we just aren’t set up for it.  So when the ice hits, it’s best to stay inside from all the crazy drivers – it will warm up a […]

Coming Soon

This was taken last year and looking forward to the Bradford Pears blooming soon. We don’t have long winters here, but they are dull.

A Little Color for a Dreary Day in Dallas

When it comes to weather in Dallas we get spoiled by our almost California like climate. Today it’s socked in and bone chilling. So here’s a bit of spring – This is the gazebo at Flippen Park in Highland Park.  Located at Lomo Alto and Armstrong.  Noted for it’s amazing azaleas and a Photo Op […]

Dallas Architecture in Victory Park

The skyline in downtown Dallas is going through a major transformation. Victory Park is one of the new areas of focus. This is where AA center is (photo above left) and the W Hotel (pool area above center)-interesting point of view. Below are a couple of photos of the W entrance and the lobby, Dallas […]