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What does a Waffle Wagon have to do with new homes?

New Homes for Baby Boomers in Dallas New home builders like Dunhill Homes out of DALLAS  utilize The Waffle Wagon out of Denton to promote the opening of  new subdivisions to both REALTORS and potential new home buyers. The last time I met with Chris Hartley, VP of Marketing for Dunhill Homes, indicated that Dunhill Homes is starting […]

Number 1 Thing You Must Do Before You Make A Short Sale Offer

Short Sales are going to be with us for a while, a long while…especially on higher end condos in Uptown and surrounding area where developers over developed and builders over built the same thing. Nuff – said.  Basically a short sale is when the lender will take less for a property then is actually owed.  […]

New Home or Used? Which is the Better Buy?

Before I was a licensed Broker – Realtor, I did what every buyer-consumer does when they start considering a place to call home.  Back then there weren’t any homes on the Internet to help with the pre-search.  You just got in the car and drove, it helped that you knew the area.  I looked at […]

Inventory Issues in the Park Cities…Take a look!

There are opportunities in every market and in Dallas it’s homes priced above $1 million. Inventory in University Park has almost doubled from this time two years ago. Same with Highland Park – give or take a little.  Most of the units are new homes and are absolutely drop dead gorgeous with all the latest […]

Does Staging a Home Increase the List Price?

More and more sellers in this market are staging their homes, mostly in the upper tier price range. I’ve come across several properties in the past two months that have dramatically increased in price! Both have been on the market for a couple of years and have done the downward price decline spiral and still […]

No Negotiations – Really?

FOR SALE – LIST PRICE ONLY You know every real estate transaction is different. There’s always the house of course and a buyer, seller and probably an agent or two. I think it goes without saying that all of real estate transactions are negotiable. From the price, terms, commissions and even non real estate items, […]

The Saxony-4 Story Townhomes-Oak Lawn

Scouting around yesterday in Oak Lawn I came across a new town-home development.  The Saxony is located in the distinguished Perry Heights neighborhood of Oak Lawn at Rawlins and  Knight. (see map below). What’s great is the location and the price, starting at $4oo,000 plus. Right by all the restaurants, bars, tollway and shopping, bet you can […]

Where to find the Best Buys in Dallas Real Estate

Boy, you’d think the real estate market is never going to come back if you listen to mainstream media. Despite the downturn in markets that went crazy- like Miami, Tampa, Detroit, Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego that have posted double digit declines, Dallas is still one of the few cities that is still holding […]

How Reliable are Square Footage Figures?

Dollar per square foot is always the name of the game in real estate. You make an offer and purchase the home based on this information. So when looking for a home you should pay particular attention to the source of square foot information.  It’s usually determined by 1 of the 3 methods below. tax roles appraiser building […]