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Agent to Meet or Agent to Delete!

photo credit: Wesley Fryer

I wish I really could delete an agent with my phone, but that’s not possible
as of yet and I know you would like that option too…but who knows with
the technology gods – someone is probably working on it.

So, since agent delete is not in the foreseeable future lets talk about agent
to meet and ask you this question.

Can an Agent to Meet make a potential buyer not like your house?

Sad to say – Yes….

I’ve spent the past month in my 3 favorite areas – Park Cities, Preston Hollow
and Plano. Agent to meets are mostly in the Park Cites. For Brokers and Agents
in the Park Cities this is standard operating procedure and is used to:

  • control showings and know who is entering the home
  • protect valuables
  • qualify the buyer
  • get immediate feedback
  • maybe reveal things about seller they should not (read this one again)

Agent to meets are common all over the country and are usually in high end
homes, it’s an option that gives a seller more control over showing their home
and rightfully so…

But what if the agent is just a glorified door opener, overbearing and doesn’t
show your home in the best light. It could kill a deal and turn the buyer off.

I only bring this up because with so many homes over $1M no one can afford
to lose a deal over a bad showing. And I had two agents kill the deal because of
attitude and not respecting the buyer or his time.

Since we work with both buyers and sellers it’s imperative that you respect
both parties equally. The showing is your one shot to shine, don’t blow it!

When you do agent to meets make sure the agent to show is understanding
and on time. A buyer could have a tight window to see 6 homes and if an agent
is late to the appointment, your house doesn’t get shown. And in this market
there are TONS of pretty listings to show. Inventory is at an all time high and
an opportunity is lost.

It’s a good idea to let the buyer and buyer’s agent to go through the home
privately. The other agent should greet and get lost. A buyer needs time to
walk the floor plan and actually see if they can live there. There is always time
restraints with agent to meets and when you have a 15 minute window it
becomes valuable.

If you’re a seller that has an agent to meet, you might want to clarify the
knowledge that your agents are sharing with buyers and agents and know
exactly what is transpiring during the showing. You have a right to define
this process…I’m just saying…be in control!

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